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Employees Consider Recognition Most Important

While many managers find a way to motivate their employees, there’s the simplest way that is more likely to be looked over such as employee recognition.

3 Essential Guides to Stand Out in a Meeting

We all need a stage to present our capabilities. And simple as that, a meeting is also a great stage where you can shine out your potential. Have these 3 keys in mind to make you stand out!

3 Secrets Your Boss is Keeping from You

Have you ever stopped to think about why don’t you get promoted after all the time you dedicate and fully put efforts to the work you do? Or as one of the top employees, you still don’t get that raise you deserve?

Anatomy Of A Great Candidate

Are you also wondering what are the keys to make us a potential candidate that every employer wants to hire and make us stay working with them?

Wellness Program Matters!

A Study Says 41% of Employees are Feeling Motivated to Work on Workout Days. Workout is beyond just a workout.

EQ or IQ Which is More Important To Be A Leader?

When we talk about the qualification of people who will be a leader, no doubt, we might firstly think of smart people who have high IQs. It’s true that we need intelligent ones to make a lead and create an impact for the project, or the business.

5 Ways to Survive in a Disaster of Job Burnout

We all need the passion to drive us do our work productively, whether it’s about the work we’re always long to do, the challenging project, attractive benefits, or to satisfy our expectations.

How to Turn the Office Enemies Into Friends

From Totaljobs survey, 60% of 7,076 workers admitted that they have a “workplace enemy.” Do you also have one?

3 Things You Need to Stop Doing Now If You Want to Be Promoted

The half year has passed and the year end (with career promotion) is not too far! Surely, everyone wants to be promoted, but before that, it’s time for work habits check!

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