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Stop the Meeting Madness That Can Reduce Your Productivity and Morale

We waste too much time in the meetings while having so little results. But when we look closely, it doesn’t only consume our time, but also reduce our productivity and even morale at work!

How Multi-Generational Workplace Benefits Everyone

The diversity has been valued in the workplace for every difference that can combine to make a better decision or best product. While talking about diversity, we also need to mention more of a multi-generation.

The Power of Willpower: Train Your Brain to Replace ‘Can’t’ with ‘Can’

Many times, improving our self-development is hard to do because of the lack of willpower, even when we know that doing this, or changing that would make us drive into success.

Creativity: Strategy is the game-changer

Everyday we face an increasingly uncertain business environment, and not to mention the rapid technological change that put business development strategies into questions very frequently faster changing than ever amongst of economic.

Sustainability becomes a critical competitive factor today

Sustainability performance becomes a highly competitive factor in investment decision. A study shows that high sustainability companies, corporates that adopt sustainability policies, achieve greater long-term profitability

5 Ways to Build a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is key to help you define your career development and success. While many people still fear of failure and have that ‘fixed’ mindset, there are ways to improve it into the growth one until you can grow professionally!

Studies Say PURPOSE is What Employees Want Most from Festive Season

The year-end holidays are coming together with the studies about ‘What Employees Really Want from Festive Season’. The results turn out to be time off, holiday spirit in the workplace, receiving a bonus, and importantly, purpose at work!

Comparing Skills Demand 2018 vs. 2022

Technology becomes more and more important to our lives and that it can even define the careers which will be declined, continued to exist or newly wanted.

4 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make to Improve Your Career

What’s a new year for you? The days to celebrate vacation? A new period to remind how you are about to age one more year? Or the bell that rings, warning you to come up with resolutions for things you want to improve

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