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THE HEALTHIER, HAPPIER WORKPLACE! Recap SCB’s Employee Well-Being throughout 2019

SCB values the active and healthy workforce in which we always find the best ways to invest in wellness programs and to enhance cultivating the learning culture that leads to a better healthy lifestyle for SCB people.

How EdTech is shaping the future

EdTech or Educational Technology incorporates the fast-growing technology into learning process. Many even claim that it has ‘disrupted’ traditional education system.

Being HAPPY NOW! We’ll tell you HOW!

Happiness is important not only in our personal life, but also in professional area. Studies show happiness can encourage productivity, stimulate organizational loyalty, increase engagement, and promote retention, hence reduce turnover rates.

How Coding Can Improve Your Communication and Collaboration Skills

Coding is essential for the day that technology dominates in every industry, defining a less or more in tools we use and projects we do. That’s it when everyone should learn the basics of coding.

47% High Retention With a Strong Learning Culture

What is it that a company and its people management team should think about when it comes to employee retention? High salary? Incentive? Or something that can lead to even more impacts?

Get Ahead in Career by Your Time Management Skills!

The better time management skills mean the ways that you can achieve goals faster and enhance the quality work as well. While emphasizing on the word ‘time management’, the skills bring people beyond about how they can complete their work on time or faster.

5 Mistakes New Grads Don’t Know They’re Making at Work

It’s never too late to do self-improvement. But before that, we need to re-check on things we do on a regular basis, especially the new graduates who are new to the world of work.

10-Point Checklist to See If You Deserve a Promotion

Are you the one who walks on the career journey to the point that you begin to think about the higher position, but still can’t exactly decide if you really deserve a promotion or not?

Top 5 Signs That Tell How You’re Professional in Teammate’s Eyes Even When They Don’t Say It Out Loud

Besides leaders, by having a recognition from colleagues is a key to increase your motivation and productivity as well.

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