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Working too hard doesn’t make you productive

Many salaried employees are working hard and just trying to survive in the midst of the pandemic. Some who have switched to working from home may find that the balance between work and life has become a blurred.

Grit Over Talent

Why do some top performers at school become ordinary office workers while some apparent losers turn into outstanding and successful business owners? Success is not measured by IQ scores? Why?

A messy table or a neat table! Which team are you on?

Some work desks may seem like a pile of trash, with papers, books, stationery, tangled wires, crumbs, and other bits and pieces scattered messily about. This might scare your co-workers and make them afraid to come

Time management for quick results with ABCDE techniques

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your workload and then ended up getting things done at the speed of light on the brink of deadlines? This is because you lack inspiration and tend to procrastinate.

“Lagom” – Swedish for ‘Just right’

Anyone working late and never getting enough sleep soon gets exhausted and stressed out. With tightening competition amid a fast-paced world, many people place their career success and fame before their personal happiness.

Is it time to let employees work from anywhere?

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the idea of working from home was almost impossible, not to mention working from anywhere. Many would have doubted that something like that would ever work.

Early Bird or Night Owl – Which are you?

Have you ever heard the proverb, “The early bird gets the worm?” Those who wake up early are branded as hard working, while those who wake up late are often blamed for being lazy. However, your sleep-wake behavior may be a result of genetics!

How to get rid of laziness

It’s Monday again, and many of us find it hard to get out of our beds. Negative thought loops haunt us every time we think about the hard work that awaits us. Because we are not in the mood we tend to find pretexts to put off the things we need to do.

How to tell better stories

If you ever get a chance to speak on stage in front of hundreds of people, you will have a chance to shine and be popular. Would you dare take that chance? Most people would be scared and feel awkward on stage.

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