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Active Recall & Spaced repetition: Techniques to Remember Every Piece of Information You Desire

Can you remember what a book you read two months ago was about? There is a high chance that you can’t even recall half of the book’s content. Or have you ever forgotten important knowledge you heard from a

Five best ways to eliminate unnecessary spending

Follow these techniques to discover unneeded purchases and save money. Even in uncertain times, you can have faith in your budget. These 5 actions can help you gain control of your finances and save for a better future.

Embracing Yourself with the Butterfly Hug of Love: Finding Solace on Days of Weary Hearts

"Hugs" serve as a means by which many individuals rejuvenate their spirits. Enveloping loved ones with both arms fosters a haven of security, unburdening the sorrows residing within their hearts and priming them to

Bridging the Generational Divide: Three Strategies for Fostering Workplace Harmony

Are you concerned about the challenges posed by varying age groups within your professional environment? Undoubtedly, the presence of a generation gap in the workplace presents a multifaceted challenge.

Three soft skills you need for your career!

Working nowadays is quite challenging, due to increased competition, ever-changing working approaches, robots replacing humans in certain jobs, and much more. Hard skills are probably no longer enough for career

Five public speaking techniques to make your speech convincing

Speaking is one of the fundamental skills in our lives. Almost everyone learns to speak very early on without much effort. However, do you know that not everyone can speak publicly?

Work with Pride! 3 Reasons why gender diversity counts in a company

Every June, many people are excited to see rainbow-themed decorations at various locations, including restaurants and shopping malls, and Pride Month parades celebrating gender diversity in Thai society.

The "Making Time" approach that lets your split your day and complete more tasks

With only 24 hours in a day, many people worry about how they'll ever get everything done, especially when they've been buried under a mountain of work and now need to clear it all away. Some people may have been

Sleep soundly and awaken refreshed by understanding the sleep cycle

Have you ever had difficulty sleeping for hours, only to awaken feeling dizzy and exhausted? The problem of morning fatigue on workdays causes you to feel exhausted and unrefreshed immediately upon awakening. What is the root

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