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Data Scientists – Transforming Insights into Real Solutions

Data plays a critical role in everything nowadays, and those with more information will have more options for business growth. That has led to the saying that "Data is the new wealth",

Analytics Engineering Team – A driving force behind SCB's Machine Learning System

The Analytics Engineering team is primarily involved in designing platforms and maintaining functional models that subject corporate data to in-depth analysis, AI, and machine learning

An insight to SCB’s Work from Anywhere policy and results beyond expectation

Many companies have been adapting to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, and in 2020 Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) announced a Work From Home policy, which brought positive results beyond expectation.

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Switching tasks, a trick to reignite your passion

Many people who have been working from home for a long time begin to feel that they are losing their passion for their work. Starting in the early morning, you force yourself to get through a pile of work with pressing deadlines.

Hybrid Workplace Model: More freedom for you to choose where to work

It’s a pain to wake up early and waste hours in traffic going to work, isn’t it? On the other hand, you may feel lonely and out of touch with your co-workers from having been working from home for too long.

“Workcations”, a new way of simultaneously working and travelling

What if we could work while enjoying beautiful scenery by the sea or the greenery of a village in a valley? This would be a dream come true for many office workers.

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Take a closer look at biometric technology

When talking about biometric technology many of us might think about the fingerprint scanning or facial recognition found on smart phones, used to increase the security of sensitive data by replacing traditional password

Healthy low calorie snacks to boost your energy at work

Sitting all day and still craving food? We believe many of you may have experienced this feeling. A busy brain can make you feel like you are starving. However, it is not a good idea to eat whenever you feel hungry

Robinhood, app for small guys

an alternative food delivery app, developed by Purple Ventures Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of SCB 10X, aimed to support at least 16,000 small restaurants and merchants to adopt digital platform supporting sales and help reduce high cost from joining online platforms.

Coming of Age The Series

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EP.4 It’s time for retirement!

Have you ever planned what you want to do if you are retiring in five years? Some may dream about travelling abroad, living a slow life, staying home to raise grandchildren, or enjoying some new hobbies. However,

EP.3 Mid-life Crisis

A life satisfaction survey conducted on people in 149 countries around the world by the National Bureau of Economic Research (USA) discovered that people between the ages of 39-57 years old had the least happiness in life.

EP.2 Quarter-life crisis

A LinkedIn survey conducted on office workers aged between 25-33 years old found that 75% of those surveyed were facing a quarter-life crisis. The survey also revealed that 59% of the respondents felt unsure of what to do

Career Clinic The Series

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Zoom Fatigue: Exhaustion caused by frequent online meetings

Do you often feel exhausted after online meetings? Have you ever wondered why online meetings produce greater weariness than traditional meetings, despite not having to get up early or rush to the office?

EP.4 Imposter Syndrome – Am I not good enough?

Albert Einstein, Maya Angelou, Neil Armstrong, Emma Watson, and many other celebrities have all said that there were times in their lives when they felt they didn’t deserve

EP.3 Broken Heart Syndrome – Yes, you can die of a broken heart

When was the last time you walked in the rain, listening to a sad song, sitting down, and missing your loved one like those in music videos? Are you still sad now?

Cool innovations in New Normal World

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EP.14 A drive-in art exhibition lets you enjoy art from your car!

With ongoing pandemic and lock-down measures forcing the cancellation of art exhibitions, art aficionados may feel that they are missing out. The organizers of the “Immersive Van Gogh” exhibition in Toronto,

EP.13 New normal relaxing in a “Beach Bubble” hotel room

Raise your hands if you miss the beach and sea breezes! With summer here, we all want to go to the sea. But with the pandemic, this summer may be different as most of us have had to put our travel plans on hold.

EP.12 Tour a farm from home…. can we?

The lock-down has prevented many of us from traveling. About the only things we can do is work from home, enjoy food delivery, or shop on-line. A pretty lonely life! But you are not the only lonely one, many tourist spots

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Free! “Hidden Superpower” Mobile Wallpaper

During this pandemic many people may have experimented with new things that they may not have had a chance to try if they were still living their normal everyday life.

The world after COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic is over, the world will never be the same. Lessons learned through sharing the same hands-on experience have obviously changed behaviors, leading to a new normal. Here are some of them:

What we have learned from WFH during the COVID-19 lock-down

As we have been working from home for almost a month, many of us have probably tried new things that we never expected we would be doing, and have adapted to the new normal.

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