SCB Well-being Series: Nurturing a Holistic Work Environment

In any organization, the well-being of its employees is intricately tied to the well-being of the entire entity. At Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), prioritizing and enhancing the quality of life for its employees has remained a steadfast

commitment. Recognizing that employee well-being directly influences the quality of their work, SCB places significant emphasis on fostering good health, mental resilience, and a supportive social environment.

It's noteworthy that the importance of good health and well-being is underscored by the United Nations, as it stands among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved globally by 2030. Consequently, organizations are urged to prioritize the well-being of their workforce. At SCB, we champion the well-being of our employees, focusing on three key components:

1. Physical Well-being: Fostering optimal health and physical readiness for any task.
2. Mental Well-being: Nurturing a strong mental state and fostering self-satisfaction.
3. Social Well-being: Promoting a supportive community that uplifts each other.


To gain insight into SCB's commitment to employee well-being, explore the "SCB Well-being Series," a collection of six episodes designed to showcase the bank's comprehensive well-being program tailored to address the diverse needs of its employees across the three dimensions: body, mind, and society.

The episodes include:

Physical Well-being:

  • • EP.1: SCB Good Health - Nurturing Well-being from Within
  • • EP.2: SCB V-Fit: Cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle Through Fitness
  • • EP.3: SCB Telecare: Your 24/7 Online Healthcare Solution

Mental Well-being:

  • • EP.4: “CoolKith” - Your Companion in Navigating Life's Challenges

Social Well-being:

  • • EP.5: SCB We Share - Building a Thriving Knowledge Exchange Community
  • • EP.6: SCB Workshop - Happiness and Relaxation Through Diverse Activities

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