People Service Management – Finding support while you're unwell

When they are unwell, many people worry about medical costs as much as they do about their health. However, while many companies currently provide medical benefits, employees may be unsure of how to take advantage of them

or whether the benefits they have cover the treatment of specific symptoms or diseases. SCB understands that handling medical expense reimbursement is a delicate matter that has a major impact on the quality of life for its employees, and as such, it must be given careful attention. Career SCB would like to introduce you to Natchayut "Ek" Srimora, who is in charge of the Bank’s medical benefits and is always willing to go the extra mile to make it simple for any employee to apply for sick pay when they need it.

Stepping into a new professional chapter at SCB

Ek has a background in accounting and is comfortable working with numbers and data. This skill set is highly desirable for jobs that need attention to detail involving money. During our interview, Ek reflected on his time spent with SCB so far. "When I was a student, SCB recruited at my institution. I was curious back then. When encouraged by my seniors to join the Bank, I agreed as I saw opportunities for career advancement, and I have been with the Bank ever since.”

For more than a decade, Ek was responsible for disbursing funds for employees' funerals before switching to his current role of processing reimbursements for medical costs. Ek has deep ties to the Bank because he has worked here for so many years.

A typical day at the People Service Management team

Ek began by saying, "Actually, my team is accountable for several things. I, on the other hand, am responsible for the payment of medical costs for active and some retired personnel.”

Ek's typical day consists of recording and verifying medical expense reimbursements, fielding phone calls from employees seeking guidance on reimbursement or other problems and collaborating with hospitals to keep records on employee disbursement information.

Cooperative efforts that yield positive results in a variety of contexts

Ek noted that he has to coordinate with other parties to get his work done, and that this is on top of taking care that the distribution information is accurate. "It's essential to my job that I collaborate with other People Function teams as well as other parties, such as different hospitals."

To get reimbursed for treating an employee who contracts COVID-19, for instance, the frontline People Strategic Partner team must communicate this information to Ek. In order to make sure everything is in order, Ek must check in with the Finance Office before sending the cases off to the insurance provider.

Adjusting to the new working paradigm brought on by the pandemic

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bank established a policy of allowing employees to work remotely. The disbursement system had to be changed by Ek's team to make things easier for staff members. He introduced a system whereby employees could submit their expenditure claims online and then mail in the original documents later.

Despite the fact that the new work arrangement requires employees to work in isolation from one another, Ek sees the move as beneficial because it allows him to spend more time at home with his loved ones.

The challenges of a task that necessitates meticulousness

Ek said that the first difficulty he faces on the job is that every single person has distinct requirements due to their health. Some individuals are concerned about qualifying for financial assistance for their medical concerns. Therefore, it is Ek's responsibility to inform his co-workers about their entitlements to welfare benefits and assist them in choosing the best medical facility for their needs. He will work with them to determine what portion of their medical bills insurance will cover, and if costs exceed the policy's maximum, he will work to keep those costs to a minimum.

Ek also thinks that keeping up with the ever-evolving rules is difficult. One such law is the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), which regulates the collection, storage, and dissemination of personally identifiable information. SCB has taken this subject seriously and began making necessary changes to corresponding regulations before the law was even officially announced. Employees must agree to the usage and storage of their data on an online system whenever they submit a request for a payout.

Consent for the use of personal information online is sought, but the repercussions of regulatory shifts and stricter implementation of the PDPA law can be uncomfortable for certain individuals. “As I mentioned before, my team also assists retirees with their healthcare needs. Because the Bank was founded a long time ago, some of SCB's previous employees are now in their 90s. It may be cumbersome to require their authorization for the use of information via the online system on a continual basis. For as long as anyone can remember, this demographic has submitted their reimbursement requests via regular mail.”

Given the challenge, Ek's team instead uses the time-honored practice of postal mail to solicit these subjects' permission before collecting and using their personal data for any purpose. Because of this, these employees only need to provide their approval once, and subsequent requests for medical expense reimbursement can be handled expeditiously through the mail.

Thoughts on the unsung heroes who calm the fears of others

When asked about his thoughts on working in this role, Ek replied simply, "On the one hand, this is a job that entails the misery of employees, whether it concerns medical expenses or the cremation reimbursement that I used to perform. When I help employees by advising them on how to best handle medical bills or help them get their paychecks, I know that I’ve done something to lessen their hardships.”

In addition, Ek said, " I might talk about other things when I have the chance to talk with coworkers apart from money issues. By doing this, I can learn more about the genuine requirements of these workers.”

Advice to other workers

Due to his career, Ek has faced countless difficulties. He would like to advise the upcoming generation of workers, "No matter which duty you are managing, every job is related and requires collaboration. You need to work together to overcome obstacles and reach your goal.”

Last but not least, from the perspective of those working behind the scenes, acknowledging the value of their contributions is crucial. “Please love what you do and recognize the significance of your contributions. Giving advice to staff members will help us learn about and empathize with their situations.”