SCB Well-being The Series

SCB Well-being Series: Nurturing a Holistic Work Environment

In any organization, the well-being of its employees is intricately tied to the well-being of the entire entity. At Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), prioritizing and enhancing the quality of life for its employees has remained a steadfast

SCB Good Health - Nurturing Well-being from Within

The SCB Good Health initiative is dedicated to promoting the well-being of our employees through engaging and informative seminars, both online and offline. These sessions feature renowned doctors and experts who generously

SCB V-Fit: Cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle Through Fitness

"SCB V-Fit" is a dedicated space designed to promote healthcare through exercise for SCB employees. This fitness facility offers a range of amenities for its members, including: Modern Exercise Equipment:

SCB Telecare: Your 24/7 Online Healthcare Solution

SCB Telecare, a flagship initiative within the Bank's Employee Wellness Program, caters to the lifestyle and healthcare needs of SCB employees in alignment with the SCB Work from Anywhere policy.

“CoolKith” - Your Companion in navigating life's challenges

In a world where invisible emotional pain often surpasses the severity of visible physical illness, it's crucial to acknowledge that issues such as stress, work-related anxiety, and insomnia can have a profound impact on daily life.

SCB We Share - Building a Thriving Knowledge Exchange Community

SCB We Share serves as a vibrant space where employees can connect, learn, and share inspiring stories, fostering a sense of community dedicated to knowledge exchange. This platform encourages the sharing of

SCB Workshop – Happiness and Relaxation Through Diverse Activities

While work is an integral part of life, there are numerous aspects beyond the professional realm that contribute to overall happiness and well-being. Recognizing this, SCB is committed to promoting a harmonious balance

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