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People Contact Center - More than just answering questions

Many people either know of or use call center services. Aside from serving as a customer service hub, the People Contact Center also acts as a help center for SCB staff. Joining a conversation with Career SCB today was Jariya "Claire" Boonpanya,

People Service Management – Finding support while you're unwell

When they are unwell, many people worry about medical costs as much as they do about their health. However, while many companies currently provide medical benefits, employees may be unsure of how to take advantage of them

The person behind SCB’s elegant image

Those who have used the services offered by Siam Commercial Bank in Thailand may recall seeing employees in stylish purple uniforms waiting by the counter to service customers. The more than 20,000 SCB employees are dressed in attractive uniforms thanks to the careful planning of one person.

SCB-style employee engagement, bringing joy to the workplace on a daily basis

Many people think of improved relations between employees and their employers when they hear the term "employee engagement," as well as measures taken to ensure employees' physical and emotional well-being on the job.

Employee Well-Being – Good health is the foundation of any successful business

In addition to requiring knowledge, skills, and determination when completing a task, people often underestimate the importance of their health. Employees will only be able to give their all on the job if both their mental and physical health are strong.

The Onboarding Team - A safe haven for new employees

Beginnings are usually challenging, particularly when launching a new career. The list of issues that need study and adjustment is a long one. That's why it is helpful to have a mentor who can help you navigate the corporate world and equip you with relevant abilities as you advance in your profession.

SCB - SCB - A bank like a second home for employees. Discover behind the scenes elements you probably didn't know existed! Part 2: Employee happiness is the company’s driving force

In this episode, Career SCB will reveal more stories about the journey that every SCB employee will experience after joining the organization. What will those routes entail? Let's explore!

SCB - A bank like a second home for employees Discover behind the scenes elements you probably didn't know existed! Part 1: The zero step that we never overlook

What goes on behind the scenes at SCB, where new technologies are used to provide services and quality employees are ready to take care of customers in Thailand and more than six countries in Southeast Asia?

Data Scientists – Transforming Insights into Real Solutions

Data plays a critical role in everything nowadays, and those with more information will have more options for business growth. That has led to the saying that "Data is the new wealth",

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