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Tech worker burnout. You’re not the only one!

In this era of working from home, it is easy for people to feel tired and lack motivation to work. This could be due to a lack of socialization or the feeling of working all the time. When these feelings accumulate, they

Exercise regularly to prevent office syndrome

Most people of working age will experience some sort of soreness or pain at some point in their lives, whether it be in the back, the shoulders, the head, or somewhere else. Office workers sometimes suffer from a condition

Zoom Fatigue: Exhaustion caused by frequent online meetings

Do you often feel exhausted after online meetings? Have you ever wondered why online meetings produce greater weariness than traditional meetings, despite not having to get up early or rush to the office?

EP.4 Imposter Syndrome – Am I not good enough?

Albert Einstein, Maya Angelou, Neil Armstrong, Emma Watson, and many other celebrities have all said that there were times in their lives when they felt they didn’t deserve

EP.3 Broken Heart Syndrome – Yes, you can die of a broken heart

When was the last time you walked in the rain, listening to a sad song, sitting down, and missing your loved one like those in music videos? Are you still sad now?

EP.2 Burnout Syndrome – How far would you go for work?

Some people work hard and are more dedicated to their jobs than anything else in their lives. Even if they are exhausted, they continue working non-stop.

EP.1 Office Syndrome – Chronic pain that won’t go away!

Have you ever felt stiff and uncomfortable after sitting a long time in the same posture? Pain that makes your neck, shoulders, and lower back so uncomfortable?

Common illnesses among the workforce

When you feel unwell, do you describe it like: “It’s not serious, but chronic,” or “It’s not serious, but it will take a long time to recover.”? The majority of the workforce (with some of us still working from home)

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