SCB Good Health - Nurturing Well-being from Within

The SCB Good Health initiative is dedicated to promoting the well-being of our employees through engaging and informative seminars, both online and offline. These sessions feature renowned doctors and experts who generously

share their knowledge on various health-related topics, all offered free of charge. The objective is to empower our employees with the tools to lead a high-quality life, fostering happiness and productivity through good health.

Seminar topics are carefully curated to address current health trends and the evolving landscape of diseases. Some of the highlighted topics include:

1. Understanding COVID-19: A Comprehensive Insight
2. Influenza Vaccine vs. COVID Vaccine: Making Informed Choices
3. Cervical Cancer Awareness: Early Detection for Timely Treatment
4. Ergonomic Desk Arrangements: Combatting Office Syndrome

5. Decoding Genetic Links to Heart Disease

6. Proactive Health Measures Against COVID-19
7. Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome for a Balanced Life
8. Eye Health: Striking the Right Balance
9. The Crucial Role of Vaccines in Maintaining Health
10. Unveiling the Secrets of Clear, Healthy Skin

In addition to insightful lectures, participants also have the opportunity to engage in hands-on workshops, such as "First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)." These workshops equip employees with life-saving skills, and upon completion, participants receive a certificate as a testament to their newfound capabilities.


Health is a fundamental aspect of our lives, often overlooked despite its paramount importance. Regardless of one's aspirations, poor health can impede the pursuit of dreams. Recognizing this, SCB emphasizes the significance of health as the cornerstone for efficient work, enjoying culinary delights, and embarking on joyful journeys. Neglecting health may jeopardize the ability to lead a desired life in the future.

For Siam Commercial Bank, prioritizing health with accurate knowledge is not just a commitment but a necessity. Our aim is to ensure that employees possess a thorough understanding of self-care, enabling them to work with physical and mental well-being. This approach not only fuels the creation of innovative financial products and services but also positions our employees to serve customers effectively and, ultimately, chart their own path to success in life.