SCB - A bank like a second home for employees Discover behind the scenes elements you probably didn't know existed! Part 1: The zero step that we never overlook

What goes on behind the scenes at SCB, where new technologies are used to provide services and quality employees are ready to take care of customers in Thailand and more than six countries in Southeast Asia?

In this episode of Career SCB, we'll walk you through the first steps of joining Siam Commercial Bank as an employee. Exactly who or what will you encounter? How are new hires treated once they start at the Bank?

Because communicating the corporate culture is essential

Finding employment can be challenging. And it's even more challenging to find a job that's a good fit for you. There is a good chance that graduates may feel anxious since they have no clear idea of where to begin their professional lives or if the company they are considering is a good fit for them. It would therefore be ideal if they were given a chance to familiarize themselves with a company's culture and working styles before being thrust into active duty. Our corporate culture at SCB is defined by four pillars: Customer Centric, Risk Culture, Innovation, and Speed. The Bank is very open about its corporate culture since it values having a common understanding among its employees and providing them with a place to work where they can thrive.

Create exceptional traits to attract top talent

Even if a company has a robust culture, it may not be sufficient to convince individuals of the true nature of their work. In order to provoke the interest of potential employees, the Bank has established its outstanding characteristics. These exceptional characteristics demonstrate a variety of working styles that prioritize fair remuneration packages, are results-driven, feature flexible working methods, and offer a welcoming work environment and a high quality of life.

The Bank has also undertaken numerous initiatives, such as awarding Young-Tech scholarships and signing memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with local universities, to help prepare students and financially support their studies, thereby providing them with opportunities to develop their skills to the point they desire.

The atmosphere we hope to foster from the moment an employee walks through the door

By the time they join us, prospective workers should have a clear understanding of the Bank's culture. We are always open to anyone who can show they share our values and are equipped with the abilities necessary for the job. The Bank has established an onboarding team to assist new hires in adjusting to their new environment by coordinating their orientation and providing them with information on the Bank's structure, values, and vision, as well as the perks to which they will be entitled. Once formal orientation has concluded, the onboarding team will continue to check in with employees on a regular basis to see how things are doing at work and if any problems have arisen.

Of course, the familiar purple uniform is a must-have for all new SCB family members, as the presence of such a uniform contributes to the company's professional image. We believe employee attire is another element that, when seen from the outside, will establish a reliable image for customers, so the Bank has formed a team to help care for and allocate uniforms for our more than 20,000 employees.

This is only the beginning of the lengthy journey the Bank has planned and is ready to enthusiastically deliver to all of its staff members. For the sake of the Bank and its success, we want to see each employee begin each workday with an abundance of optimistic energy, so that they may be fully prepared to do their jobs and bring joy to their teammates and clients.

We have further anecdotes about employee exposure and experience, as well as how the Bank supports employees until they reach their final goal. Please stay tuned for the next episode!