SCB - SCB - A bank like a second home for employees. Discover behind the scenes elements you probably didn't know existed! Part 2: Employee happiness is the company’s driving force

In this episode, Career SCB will reveal more stories about the journey that every SCB employee will experience after joining the organization. What will those routes entail? Let's explore!

Mental health matters

While working in a large corporation some people worry that they might not have the power to confide with anybody or change anything if they have been working for a while and don't like something. To allay those concerns, SCB conducts regular employee satisfaction surveys and solicits feedback on a wide range of issues. We believe that if employees operate in an environment where they are pleased, they will deliver effectively and pass on positive energy to clients through good services.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Bank employees working at the office were no longer required to do so because of a new remote work policy. The Bank was concerned about its employees' well-being, knowing that the transition to a new way of working would inevitably cause stress and strain. The Bank therefore organized SCB We Share online activities, allowing its workers to communicate, exchange expertise, and meet up.

Moreover, with the shift to an online-first work model, traditional clock-in and clock-out procedures have been rendered obsolete. Nevertheless, we operate in a manner that is founded on trust. We let workers choose their own schedules and will check in with them regularly to see how things are going and if they need any assistance. As a result, it turns out that many employees prefer the new way of working and are happier at work!

Developing the identity and value of our employees is our primary goal

Employees at a large firm with a wealth of talents may expect more than just happiness in return for their hard work. Thus, we never forget the importance of fostering a culture where people can contribute and take pride in what they do for the company. The Bank has instituted an Employee Recognition program to express appreciation for hardworking staff members by recognizing their efforts with pay increases, bonus opportunities, and other forms of recognition and incentives. The People Function and line managers both need to pitch in to make sure that all employees are given ample visibility for Employee Recognition to be a success at the Bank.

Employees need to feel safe within the organization, and not just because the company values them and their work. If an employee ever has a problem or disagreement with the company, he or she needs to know that there is someone who will listen to them objectively and understand them. Thus, a Labor Relations team has been established at the Bank to mediate any disputes that may develop between management and staff and to facilitate the establishment of a working relationship that meets the interests of both sides. Also, having this standing in the company helps people feel less alone when issues emerge.

A safe haven that offers both physical and moral support to those in need

A worker's requirement for information of their benefits under the company's policies is something that can arise at any point during their employment. Any time an employee has a question or concern, they can reach out to the People Contact Center for help. As an example, our People Contact Center team has been extremely busy during the recent COVID-19 outbreak as many employees have inquired about medical welfare benefits and online form filling. As a result, the People Contact Center serves as a safe haven for employees in times of need, making them feel as though they are not in this struggle alone.

A simple phone call isn't always sufficient, as it is inevitable that individuals may occasionally fall ill or be in need of special attention from their employers. But our employees know they can rely on the Employee Well Being team to keep an eye on their health. The Employee Well Being team has been out in the field to assist with COVID-19 vaccine procurement and vaccination, risk group screening, quarantine site provision, and symptom tracking for employees who have fallen ill during the pandemic.

Primary care is one thing. However, if the symptoms worsen to the point where the worker needs medical attention or financial assistance with treatment and related costs, they should get in touch with the People Service Management team. The team also provides other services, such as taking calls from staff seeking assistance on medical charge reimbursement, validating data, and collaborating with hospitals to track payment information and so on. Retirees are also eligible for medical expense reimbursement.

Even if we have to part ways, we will never forget one other

There is a beginning and an end to everything. For office workers, retirement is the last destination. People may believe that their connection to the company will end when their working life does. In fact, SCB does everything it can to assist its employees in getting ready for retirement, from providing information about retirement benefits to holding a formal ceremony to honor them for their years of service. Even after they've left the house, retirees will continue to receive regular communications inviting them to participate in activities. The Engagement and Well-being team is always available to welcome new members, including those in their golden years.

As employees progress through the Bank, it will become clear that the Bank treats all employees with equal respect, regardless of the significance of their concerns, because we want employees to feel that every position and job they perform has contributed to the advancement of the firm. Since the Bank is committed to ensuring that all employees enjoy their time at the company, the People team has been tasked with ensuring the well-being of all employees from the moment they set foot in the company.

Lastly, we don’t treat SCB like just another place of employment; instead, we treat it more like a family. No matter how good or awful our days are, we always work to earn the trust of our staff. Regardless of how far back in the past an employee looks; they will always find that we took good care of them.