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We are determined to differentiate our products and services and create satisfactory customer experiences. With a growth mindset working style, we dare to think and try new things, while viewing obstacles as challenges that we can overcome in our search for better things. We support our people in taking the initiative and listen to their ideas.

We fully recognize that people are the most valuable asset of any firm. That is why we place a priority on people development, with re-skilling and up-skilling programs to ensure that our people are always ready to adapt to every aspect of the growing influence of emerging technology.

With advanced technology and software, everyone is connected, allowing communications, appointments, or meetings to run smoothly. This is the ‘New Normal’ way of working that will help increase flexibility, productivity, and performance.

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New Concept of Working Space

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SCB People

Associate Investment Banking

Kamemarin Vorawatnitikorn

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Manager, Structuring Sales

Wimonrat Wachiraksasawakul

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Relationship Manager

Radomlert Anantachina

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Project Management Specialist

Napat Romrun

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