SCB Young Tech Scholarship

SCB is now offering undergraduate scholarships for those seeking to further their studies at top universities in the fields of data, technology and STEM. The scholarship will cover 100% of tuition fees for the entire study program.


Realizing the importance of education to create valuable personnel with strong knowledge and capabilities in technology and data science, SCB is committed to building a new generation of employees ready and capable of driving its digital banking strategy.

The Bank will therefore support 100% of tuition fees throughout the entire study program, including monthly allowances for those who are qualified under the specified criteria and who have successfully enrolled at the undergraduate level for courses in Data Science, Computer Science, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), such as Computer Science, Machine Learning, UI, UX Design, Business Data Analytics, Financial Engineering, or other related fields, as follows:

1. Application Period

The application and interview period will be held during February – May for enrollment in the same year.

  • Application Submission: Now – 31 May 2022
  • Interview: June 2022
  • Announcement: July 2022

2. Qualifications:

  • Not over 22 years old as of the application date
  • Demonstrated good study results.
  • Willing to enroll in top ranked universities in the required fields of study.

3. Application Process

  • Having passed the application process with all qualifications fully satisfied.
  • Having passed SCB’s on-line test
  • Having passed the interview test by SCB’s selection committee.

4. Approved Scholarships shall include:

  • 100% scholarship for tuition fees for the entire study program.
  • Allowance, accommodation, and other expenses for study purposes.
  • Scholarship recipients will receive allowances at the rate as prescribed by the Bank throughout the study period.

5. Required Documents

  • Application Form - Reference Letter
  • A copy of the latest education certificate.
  • Documents showing university tuition fees.
  • Acceptance letter from a university (if any)
  • A copy of TOEFL and GMAT results (if any)

For more information, please contact: Khun Vireen Phongthararist

Tel. 02-795-4297, 091-818-6503


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