How to cope with post-vacation blues

Instead of coming back to work refreshed and fully recharged from a vacation, some people become even more bored, depressed, and easily worried than usual, or even have sleeping issues. Have you ever faced these

symptoms? Let’s try to understand what’s going on so we can cope with this issue!

Causes of post-vacation blues

First, recheck your trip schedule. Was it so jampacked that there was no time for your body to unwind? Or was there so much stress and pressure from work that you had to work during your vacation? These factors can make it hard to obtain real relaxation during your vacation.

Post-vacation blues can also happen when you discover that the reality of daily life is so different from your recent wonderful vacation vibes . As a result, you still can’t get used to the humdrum of daily life again. Post-vacation blues are not that harmful if you know how to cope with them.

Get out of post-vacation blues
An effective way to cope with post-vacation blues is to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Be sure to get enough sleep. Take a relaxing shower. Find more time for yourself to do your favorite things or discover new activities to avoid boredom.

Apart from self-care, talking to others and sharing your stories with them also helps. You can share your concerns and good moments from your latest trip. If there was an unexpected incident during the trip, try to share your experience with others as a lesson learned so that they won’t repeat the same mistake.

However, if you don’t feel better after doing all these things, it’s a signal that you should seek an expert’s advice, because post-vacation blues can be more serious than you might have thought.

How to prepare yourself to avoid post-vacation blues
An important thing to help prevent post-vacation blues is to plan your vacations with more time for relaxation during and after a vacation before resuming your work. Just sit back and enjoy a beautiful view. That’s also relaxation. Don’t forget to ask yourself whether you are happy with the activity you are doing.

Another thing that helps is to try to clear out your work at office and chores, so that you have fewer burdens when you return. It’s much better when your home is clean and ready to welcome you home after a tiring journey. During your trips, try keeping memories in photos, clips, or journals, or by buying small souvenirs to remind you of happy moments from the trips later on.

Post-vacation blues can happen to anyone, but they are not a big deal if we know how to cope with them so that we can get back to work more effectively and with more energy once we return from vacation.