Let’s get to know the SCB Data Analytics Team

Data Science is a critical area for modern firms, particularly in banking, where big data management must be carried out systematically. Realizing the importance of enhancing this potential even further

,SCB established a Data Analytics team to drive the Bank’s transformation into a technology company. The Bank has invested heavily in both human resources and data infrastructure for a long time, leading to it being recognized as one of Thailand’s leading companies in terms of Data Analytics.

The outstanding characteristic of SCB’s Data Analytics team is that it brings together the crème de la crème with expertise and work experiences in various fields to create and launch innovative services for the Bank. All team members have the freedom to work from anywhere with flexible working hours. Currently, SCB’s Data Analytics team is doubling its headcount to maximize its potential to fully serve the Bank's growing customer needs.

Let’s get to know the SCB Data Analytics Team

Wongsakorn Chaiwanon, Executive Vice President of the Data Analytics Function, has noted that, “The team's primary function is to develop data capabilities, applying machine learning and AI techniques to create value for the Bank's businesses and functions. The team handles various projects, including digitizing conventional businesses such as digital lending, risk modeling, and tasks related to the development of intelligent applications such as Robinhood and SCB Easy, and creates new tools to be used by the Bank, such as Chatbot or AutoML.

“The Data Analytics Team handles its projects by taking part as a product owner using various data for its analysis and as guidelines for decision making, and sets the direction for the development of that product. This approach is different from data analytics teams at other firms. The team will be responsible for defining requirements, presenting plans, and carrying out projects by themselves. This will enable the Bank to quickly and accurately apply the latest technology available to real applications. Our working environment and culture are rather similar to that of startups, where everyone is encouraged to share ideas and listen to problems arising from their work. Even new employees or trainees can freely offer their opinions and are entrusted with initiating projects.”


The Data Analytics team has adopted a work-from-anywhere policy, where employees work not just anywhere but also anytime. There is no finger scanning for in-out times because we believe in the integrity of our team members and instead focus on results. This creates flexibility and increases work productivity in many cases. However, the team still visits the office at least once a week to meet up and interact with co-workers.

People are key

The Data Analytics team believes that people are the most important element for team success. They can demonstrate their potential and competence to their fullest if the workplace offers them opportunities to express their honest opinions and entrusts them to really do something new. More importantly, we always let them learn from new experiences and perspectives from new teammates.

At present, data scientists are key drivers for the Data Analytics team. We are looking for data scientists who have a real passion in the field of data, and who are capable of quickly learning new things, independent and flexible, good team-workers, and keen to solve difficult and challenging problems.

In terms of technical skills, based on past experience the team sees a fundamental understanding of mathematics, statistics, machine learning and programming, and analytical problem-solving skills as the top priorities for data scientist positions. Our assignments are varied and feature different degrees of challenges. Many projects involve things that have not been introduced before. A good understanding of quantitative fundamentals will allow them to thoroughly analyze unconventional problems and solve them by applying basic knowledge and tools.

The Data Analytics team is now accepting new hires for Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and Software Engineer positions. The team is also looking for those with experience in speech, risk, and computer vision to help extend its capabilities even further.

Wongsakorn concluded that, “The important factors that persuade our talented data team members to remain with the Bank are not just work culture, salary, or welfare, but also challenging new assignments and opportunities that allow them to work together to transform their projects into reality. This vibe makes everyone enjoy working even more. Senior team members are responsible for guiding and creating a favorable environment that allows everyone to demonstrate their potential to the fullest extent. This is what enables SCB employees to take advantage of upskilling opportunities.”

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