Become a Master of Change, How Can We Do It!?

Almost everything changes every second and that sometimes it makes us scared to face it. While with career development, you need to get out of your comfort zone to professionally grow, otherwise you would be stuck with the unchanged career ladder.

We have tips just for you to become a master of change until your career development can grow more and more!

1. Have a Receptive Attitude
Accept the past and ready to go with the future. Don’t resist it with the narrow-minded attitude. Changes happen here and there with anyone. It’s the matter of attitude of how you will perceive the change. Whether it’s an evil thing that comes up to destroy your peaceful life, or a way to create and learn new things.

With the receptive attitude, you can go with the flow and adapt yourself for the better and faster ways to work, and the path that will guide you to success.

2. Self-Reflect to Reframe Your Perspective
It comes up with why do people, or even you so scare of changes? Do self-reflect to see the spot that blocks you to go forward.

Just like an observer. You will, bit by bit, see things that change or things that you need to change without feeling that you’re trapped by it. That would be an easier and faster process to help you grow and master the change since you see the big picture of yourself and things around you more clearly.

3. Prepare and Plan for the Risk
The change might be out of control many times, but it also can be expected and calculated beforehand. While we all hope for the good changes, it can turn upside down.

So, it’s better to have a plan A and plan B to help you handle any change in any circumstance better, reducing the risks of being disrupted or eliminated out of the games since you always have the switchable plans to go with the flow.

4. Be Positive & Open to New Ideas
We might scare of change because of the negative feeling and perspective to see something bad will occur ahead of time. Let’s be positive, don’t be afraid or panic before you are doing and trying to face, adapt, or revise with it.

The thought of change practices and the foundation of all things will be even stronger if you’re positive and believe that it will turn out to a positive side of change. Yourself and your gut will be open to new ideas and the new adaptation to let it be so.

5. Seek for the Support
Ask the experts or people who have experienced the kind of situations that you will have to face in order to get the right and on-point advice. You can utilize and adjust to your own plan until you can handle the changes that are around the corner.

It’s better than trying to figure it all out by yourself. Because some issues and changes cannot wait for a long period for resolving. Changes can come to you unexpectedly like a storm. Having someone who can help and support you during that time will help you master and get through it better.

Since changes are in the air and everywhere, even with the banking world that rapidly changes in every minute that the better you can master the change, the better service, and the better support you can make and serve your customers.

From the digital transformation, SCB then emphasizes the agile methods to align with the changes of the fast-paced world and to make the work process faster until we can bring the next level of growth to employees and the company.