I am afraid to disagree with my boss. I don’t feel I can be myself either.

Have you ever had good ideas that could improve team performance, or that your thoughts were definitely beneficial to the company, but in the end never raised them for your boss’s consideration?

Or you disagreed with your boss’s instructions, but you were not courageous enough to voice your opinion, worrying that it might affect your performance evaluation. Let’s see how to cope with these uncomfortable situations!

First of all, you need to understand the causes of such worries. It may be a lack of confidence in your knowledge or capability. Or your opinions may have been rejected so often that you are discouraged from proposing any new ideas anymore. Even today, when more and more companies listen more carefully to their employees’ opinions and discuss them together, some supervisors out there still don’t listen to opinions that differ from their own.

How to be more courageous and speak your mind
When you disagree with your boss’s opinion, try to argue with clear reasoning instead of remaining silent. Avoid ambiguity or beating around the bush. You should back up your argument with reliable information and evidence such as research results to convince them, and practical suggestions or solutions. When your opinion is beneficial to the company, it can be a solution for the company, and you will earn trust and good impressions from your boss and co-workers.

Apart from positive thinking, the way you communicate is equally important. You should speak out politely and with respect to your boss. Avoid being aggressive or adopting a threatening tone. Keep a positive meeting vibe by starting with a compliment and then adding further suggestions. That will encourage your co-workers to speak out about their opinions with more freedom.

Other options are giving feedback in a private session or via a survey, depending on each company’s approach. Also, mind the timing when raising your argument. If your boss seems to be in a stressful situation, it’s probably not an appropriate time to raise any issues.

After sharing your opinion, listen to different opinions from your boss and co-workers and exchange them. In the end, the ultimate goal of this communication session is to find a solution to drive the company’s better performance.

It’s possible that you may feel worried and uncomfortable about disagreeing with your boss. Try to share your reasoning supporting any proposal or idea, speaking in a polite tone and using the right words. Be open-minded to each other’s opinion to create a more open-mind workplace vibe to encourage everyone to share their ideas to find solutions for the issue or issues being discussed.