The deeper we dig, the more opportunities we see. Thus, it comes as no surprise that data scientists working on big data can see into the future before anyone else, discovering insights that can unleash and increase the value of businesses and products. Data can also boost the accuracy of decision making.

If we want to accurately predict the future, it is necessary to research, experiment with, and analyze data in order to solve the mysteries hidden within big data.

Students specializing in data science may be curious about applying what they have learned to their work. Put another way, what will they experience when working as data scientists? That’s the reason Ruj Aroonpruksakul, a junior at Chulalongkorn University, Pasapol Saowakon (Zoom) from MIT, and Siwakorn Fuangkawinsombut (Tai) from MIT decided to become SCB interns.

What follows are the results of exclusive interviews with these three SCB Data Analytics interns who shared their two-month experience working here with us.

SCB Data Analytics atmosphere

With SCB summer 2020 internships coinciding with the COVID-19 outbreak, we had to adapt to both working from the office and from home. Wherever we worked, we always maintained our positive vibes with a friendly and flexible atmosphere. Tai said that, “Our mentors in the team always cheered us up and encouraged us to think outside the box and dare to take action.”

Recalling the culture at SCB Data Analytics, Ruj said that, “It was a really friendly team and we enjoyed working together and sharing ideas. I felt close to the other interns, including those from other teams. They were helpful and supportive. We received useful tips and practical responses every time we reached out to them.”

Working is all about people, not about your office!

Apart from a positive working atmosphere, Zoom told us about the tools he had available , saying, “SCB Data has advanced analytics tools and modern data processing libraries complement with powerful computational resources, making our workflow much more productive. Sometimes we were able to join workshops organized by leading tech firms. Those sessions were truly informative.”

Challenges at work

In the beginning, interns were offered a variety of projects to work on. After they chose their projects, they were assigned to manage and execute them from end-to-end, allowing them to go beyond data-related work to see the overall outlook and impact of their project on a large scale.

When asked about how easy or difficult his project was, Tai told us that, “I joined a project involving a Credit Scoring Model. We were assigned to create a new machine learning model to be used for credit card approval. While working on the project I had opportunities to explore interesting features to use in creating the model. It was challenging in the beginning as I had to learn technical terms of banking services. Before choosing any features, we need to have a clear idea on what they truly mean and how we are going to apply them in the model. Not only that, but we need to manage our data properly to ensure that the model will be effective without any flaws when rolled out.”

Ruj added that, “Working at SCB was a challenge, as we have to understand our assignment and its processes and carefully input our ideas and creativity to make it work in real-world settings.”

Favorite moments

The two-month internship offered different feelings – surprise, fun, and friendship. Tai shared his experience with us by saying that, “There was never any moment where I felt discouraged or lost. On the contrary, I had many exciting moments throughout my internship. I truly enjoyed learning and using new techniques each day to solve problems. We could never find this experience in classrooms.”

As part of the project team handling the development of a client screening model, Zoom told us that, “I like that SCB is willing to initiate and introduce unconventional approaches in the development of both its internal systems and product delivery, including innovations for experimenting and adjusting until getting the best solution for customers.”

Final say: Your best takeaways

Zoom: “I had never had a chance to work directly in a data science field, so I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t be able to contribute to the team. However, everyone on the team took good care of me by offering useful advice and empowering me to handle my assignment independently, letting me learn and obtain real-life experience.”

Ruj: “Working with SCB Data Analytics team allowed me to discover setbacks in different forms in a real working environment. It led me to apply different approaches to solving problems and overcoming obstacles. During my internship I developed relevant skills quickly, both soft skills and technical skills, freeing me from my fear of trying new things and thinking outside the box.”

Tai: “This experience opened a new perspective for me and truly helped with my elective courses for the next three years in college. It really helped a freshman like me choose the right subjects to study in the US. I made the right decision by applying for an SCB internship.”

We hope that SCB internships will allow students to cherish their valuable working experience and treasure precious friendships and fond memories of their SCB teammates. Last but not least, we hope that they will be able to see their future clearly through the eyes of Data Scientists.